Gates of Six

    I originally wanted to make this story, but when we had to write a folklore story for class I decided that I would use this title and then rewrite it on the blog.

Gates of Six

 He walked up to the gates. “May I join you?” he asked. “Yes,” they replied. From that moment on they were known as the Gates of Six.  

100 years later

    “Did you know the Gates of Six still stand?” Wolf asked. “Don’t talk nonsense.” answer Cloud.”The Gates of Six fell a long time ago.” Fox thought about how stupid her brother must be to think the gates still stand. Just then Fox and Wolf’s mother called them in for dinner. They hurried back to camp the discussion unfinished.

    After dinner, everyone went to bed except Bear, who was on guard duty. Then, at exactly midnight, Fox, Wolf, Mist, Storm, Cloud, and Rock woke with a terrible dream.

    There was a flash of lightning and the creaking of rusted metal. Blood splattered the ground. Screams of both horror and triumph echoed all around. Twelve kids stood together. A voice then said “ If you do not come and bring peace then this is what will happen. You will know the way.”

    Raven woke from the terrible dream. Who were the other kids she wondered? As she went outside her brother, Crow, followed her. Outside Bird, Feather, Eagle, and Vulture waited. The six of them quickly decided to leave. They didn’t even wait till dawn. They just left.

    Fox, Wolf, Mist, Storm, Cloud, and Rock went over to the edge of camp to Bear. Cloud then asked Bear, “Bear, what do you know about the Gates of Six?” Bear respond with the typical answer, “They fell a long time ago.” “No”, Mist then said, ”They still stand. We are going to find them.” Bear laughed, “Good luck with that.” “Thank you”, Mist then said and with that they all left.

    The journey to the gates was hard and long but eventually Fox, Wolf, Mist, Storm, Cloud, and Rock made it. They arrived at exactly the same time as Raven, Crow, Feather, Eagle, Bird, and Vulture. They looked at each other for a second and then the entire world erupted into chaos.

    Chief Thunder and Fox’s tribe leaped into view. A few seconds later Chief Sparrow and Raven’s tribe leaped out. The twelve who originally had the dream called the Guardians. There are six guardians, the Ancient, the Elder, the Oldest, the Smartest, the Senior, and the Strongest. The Ancient then spoke, “ If you fight you will die.” It was a warning. The chiefs didn’t know what to do. They surely didn’t want to fight.

    Fox suggested a truce. It was decided that they could cross to trade, but absolutely no stealing or hunting on each others territory. Then it was agreed that Fox, Wolf, Mist, Storm, Cloud, Rock, Raven, Crow, Feather, Eagle, Bird, and Vulture would be the peacekeepers. They would make sure that both tribes followed the rules. They did their job just fine and eventually, the two tribes became one.

    When American settlers came they named the gates Arches National Park though some will always know the place as the Gates of Six